São Miguel Island – Activities

Given its dimension and the diversity of facilities and services it offers, São Miguel is the island for experiencing, a true gateway to the active discovery of the Azores Archipelago, with many things to do.
Other things to do on the Green Island, are canoeing and other sports activities, that can be practiced on lakes located in the craters of extinguished volcanoes. Another way to enjoy the beauty of the island is by horse riding or by cycling. The two golf courses on the island of São Miguel, besides offering the practice of this sport, also provide a direct contact with unspoiled Nature. Those who prefer more action may hire a 4x4 SUV, a quad-bike or a mountain bike. Paragliding also offers the view of the beautiful lakes from a totally different perspective and the ability to take unique pictures. One can go down to the subterranean world in the Gruta do Carvão (Carvão Cave), and there are various cliffs equipped for the practice of climbing.
On the Green Island, canoeing and other sports can be practiced on lakes located in the craters of extinguished volcanoes. In some lakes and streams, carrying the proper license, one can equally fish, an activity for which the extensive rocky shore is a paradise. Diving, whale watching or big game fishing are other activities with a great development. On the north coast of the island, there are many spots available for the practice of surf and body board. The beaches of Pópulo, Água d’Alto and Ribeira Quente featuring volcanic sand, the tidal pools spread along the island, and the spas at Ferraria and Furnas are ideal locations to relax from the strong emotions and to recharge your batteries before experiencing another adventure on São Miguel Island.